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6 Influencers Working in Special Education

Successful special education careers don’t all look identical. In the field of special education, there are a number of individuals currently working who have had a huge impact on children, families and teachers across the globe. They use their special education degrees to spread knowledge: by speaking, writing books, blogging and sharing their expertise on social media, beyond their […]


What is the difference between a IEP and 504?

IEPs and 504s are both meant to help protect children with disabilities. So what’s the difference? Read on to find out.

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What are the different types of Special Education?

Special education is a broad term that includes a range of disabilities. Read on to learn about the different types of special education.

Focus Your Special Education Career With a Specialization

Focus Your Special Education Career With a Specialization

For special education professionals, choosing a specialty can have personal and professional benefits. Focusing on one area allows you to tailor your training and professional development in a defined space. It enables you to develop your expertise into a valuable career advantage. From a personal standpoint, specialization provides the opportunity to concentrate on the role that is […]

Master's Degree in Education: Why I Chose It

Master’s Degree in Education: Why I Chose It

Living in Florida for three years, I had recently heard of the teacher shortage in the state and wondered if a Master’s Degree in Education could be a possible next step for my career.  I was also recently and unexpectedly reunited with a college friend who had just made a change in her career to […]