Industry News in Special Education

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Find Your Fit: Top Five Special Education Specialties

For compassionate and skilled educators, becoming a special education teacher is just one option. As classrooms have changed to reflect the needs of special education students, so too have the career options available. Check out the infographic below, which highlights the Top 5 Special Education Jobs. Recreational Therapist Job description: Use arts, drama, music, dance, […]

Special Education Career Profile: Behavior Specialist

  Special Education Career Profile: Behavior Specialist There are many options in the field of special education. Often, it is thought that being in the education field means you are in a classroom.   But what if you don’t want to be in a classroom setting, but still want to be a powerful influence in the […]

Saint Joseph’s University: A One-Stop Center for Autism Support

Saint Joseph’s University has innovatively and creatively devoted efforts to address the rising need for community resources, individual mentorship, and extensive training with the development of The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support. Addressing Autism: The Fastest Growing Developmental Disability in the Nation Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has risen to 1 in 59 children […]

Student dealing with trauma

Traumas In Youth, Strategies To Heal

Recognizing Trauma in Today’s Youth Increasingly, school aged children are faced with traumatic events and situations that make them vulnerable to risk factors associated with mental health illnesses, chronic absenteeism, and low academic achievement, which can impact their overall quality of life.  Furthermore, students with special needs are likely to experience traumatic events at a […]

Visual support for children

Visual Supports For The Special Education Classroom

Visual Supports Visual supports are all around us in our daily lives.  A shopping list, a calendar to write down appointments or plans, signs to tell us where to go, a recipe, or a to-do list. Verbal or auditory information is said and then is gone.  It is temporary. Using visual systems, such as those listed […]